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Badger Model RED – Recordall Transmitter Register

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The Model RED Remote Electronic Display unit is designed to provide remote visual readings when connected directly to any of Badger’s Recordall® Transmitter Registers (RTR®). The RED is used to read compatible RTR transmitters that are not easily accessible or are in difficult to read locations. Installations such as inside houses or buildings, meter vaults, or dangerous industrial locations are ideal for the RED. The RED can also be used when old style generators have been replaced with RTR style transmitters to provide dependable remote readings.

Badger Red

The Model RED is a battery operated device. When attached to any of Badger’s RTR transmitters it is designed to provide the same output resolution as the RTR. To conserve battery life the LCD is awakened only when the internal membrane switch has been activated. This is easily accomplished by tapping the target circle on the register display. This will bring up the meter’s current reading for 20 seconds, after which the display will return to the sleep mode. The RED is easily programmable in the field by tapping of a PIN number on the front of the display. The RED will display and increment all digits of the RTR register including the sweep hand position, but will use a decimal point to show which are significant for billing purposes. Billing digits are those to the left of the decimal point

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