Big Elk – M3

M3 – Mobile. Master. Meter.

The M3 is the newest addition to the Big Elk product line. Manufactured and tested by Big Elk, it is a portable, highly accurate solution to field verify and calibrate custody transfer gas meters. The M3 uses multiple features to ensure an accurate meter calibration in any application. These features include:

  • High pressure adjustable piping
  • Flowsic600XT Ultrasonic meter for its wide rangeability and high accuracy
  • Slip Joints
  • Lap Joint Flanges
  • Leveling Jacks
  • Air Supports

The M3 has undergone extensive testing to ensure that it will be ready to provide an accurate calibration once driven into the field. These tests include:

  • Extended Flow Calibration Range: 1 – 150 ft/sec
  • 7 Distinct Flow Calibration & Verification Tests
  • 11 Point As-Found Calibration
  • 2nd 11 Point As-Found Calibration
  • 4 Point Verification
  • 2nd 5 Point Verification (performed on Day 2)
  • 3rd 4 Point Verification (performed after M3 Skid disconnected, driven around
    and returns)
  • 4th Verification while M3 Skid in Series with 12” USM
  • M3 System Verifies 12” Newly Calibrated USM