Eagle Research Corporation is a manufacturer located in Hurricane, WV who specializes in automation and telemetry solutions for control and remote data acquisition typically in Natural Gas, Water/Waste Water and Cathodic Protection applications. Meter, Valve and Control is the manufacturer’s representative for Eagle Research Corp.  covering the Western United States (CA, AZ, WA, NV, OR, AK, HI). Eagle’s main product lines include Volume Correctors, Pressure Recorders/ Monitors, Valve Controllers, RTU’s, Cathodic Protection Monitors and much more.

Eagle Research’s E-Series units are their newest addition to the product line. Improving on the already stellar XA series, Eagle has now incorporated faster processing speeds, ethernet communication, USB, Easy to install expansion boards, decreased power requirements and much more. E-Series products include the EFM, EFC, EPR, RTU and Valve Controller. Learn More…

Eagle Research’s XA series of product lines include the XARTU/1 Volume Corrector and AAT Volume Corrector, XARTU/1 Orifice Flow Computer, XARTU/1 Remote Multi-Variable Transmitter, THe XARTU/1 Pressure Recorder, and the XARTU/1 Remote Terminal Unit plus much more. Learn More….

Eagle Research’s other product lines include the cost reduced version of the XARTU/1-LDVI, the MPplus Volume Corrector, Cathodic Protection Monitors, Transfer Provers, Software Packages and Much More.

XARTU Portable Transfer Prover
Cathodic Protection