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Many years of experience and continuous improvement of the measuring technique have led to a new generation of ultrasonic gas flow meters – the FLOWSIC600. This compact design utilizes a patented concealed transducer cabling system which provides additional meter integrity and low maintenance even in the harshest industrial conditions

The FLOWSIC600 can be equipped with 1,2,4,5, 8 non reflective, chordal measuring paths. This makes it ideal for applications ranging from high accuracy custody transfer to those with less precise requirements such as flare and underground storage.


The compact 3D overall length inch and larger provides lower cost station designs, especially important for the smaller line sizes

The FLOWSIC600 has provisions for analog, frequent and digital outputs plus two Modbus serial ports. This permits easy interface with all brands of flow computers. An integrated LCD display provides local access to all live data and alerts the user of any past or present alarms without necessitating the use of a computer. Extremely low power consumption (less than 1 watt) permits operation with solar power for remote applications.