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Ultrasonic meters provide several advantages over differential pressure meters such as improved rangeability, a higher turndown, no calibration and valuable diagnostics. The FLOWSIC600 DRU, an innovative dual-path ultrasonic meter is tailor-made for upstream and gathering applications. Specially adapted sensors and path layouts combine the benefits of a FLOWSIC600 with an unmatched reliability and robustness for upstream conditions. The integrated 10D upstream piping allows for high measurement accuracy even without high-pressure calibration, resulting in faster ROI due to the lower operational costs of a virtually maintenance-free meter.


  • The FLOWSIC600 DRU provides “real-time” monitoring of all diagnostic parameters, informs about the measurement conditions and generates a warning when parameters change significantly.
  • Special design features ensure the FLOWSIC600 DRU is rugged even in wet gas conditions
  • Due to the decreased necessity for on-site checks and cleanings, your operating expenses stay low
flowsic600 DRU

Diagnostic information can be monitored, which gives the user information about how the meter and the meter run is performing. Parameters for each path are: the speed of sound, turbulence, the automatic gain control value, the signal validity parameter and analysis of the actual raw signal wave forms.