Itron Gas Regulators

Itron is a manufacturer located in the United States that produces gas, water and electricity solutions. Meter, Valve & Control is an authorized distributor for Itron industrial products covering the Western United States (CA, AZ, WA, NV, OR, AK, HI). Our main product lines include Itron Gas Regulators, Itron Gas Meters and Itron AMR products.

Itron’s line of Gas Regulators are used in Domestic (Residential), Commercial, Service and Farm Tap Applications. They range in size from 1/2″ up to 4″ pipe sizes with various on board safety options and configurations.

Itron Gas Regulators - Residential & Light Commercial
Itron Gas Regulators - Commercial & Industrial
Itron Gas Regulators - Farm Tap & Field Service

Itron manufactures both Diaphragm and Rotary Gas Meters. Their diaphragm gas meters are highly accurate, dependable and economical options. Various sizes available including 250, 400, 675, 800 & 1000 class meters. Meter, Valve & Control offers many additional accessories for these meters including pulse output, meter connections and automated meter reading. Meter, Valve & Control also distributes the Itron Delta Compact Rotary meter which is a robust, highly accurate rotary meter that can fit into compact spaces. This is available in a 2″ flanged, 2000 CFH size.

Metris 250 Gas Meter
400A Gas Meter
Itron Commercial - Delta Rotary
675A, 800A, 1000A Gas Meter

Itron manufacturers and provides some of the most reliable AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) solutions for water, gas and electric applications. Meter, Valve & Control distributes the 100G Gas ERT Modules and many other related Itron products.

Itron 100 Series Wireless Pulser