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Leviton/Obvious – Wireless/AMR Sytems

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Leviton offers energy management solutions for both wireless and wired metering solutions. The flexibility of their products makes them an asset in a wide variety of applications.

-A7810 – Collects pulse output data from meters and submeters (water, gas & electric). Can connect up to 4 pulse meters with the ability to view data through any web browser.

-A8810 – Collects RS-485 Modbus Data (up to 32 devices) in order to view over the web.


-A8812 – Can connect up to 32 RS-484 Modbus devices as well as 8 user selectable inputs for pulse, analog and resistive output devices (water, gas & electric).

-A8911-23 – HD pulse module allows for up to 23 dry contact pulse outputs in order to easily integrate RS-485 connection.

-R9120-500 – The ModHopper eliminates the need to run wires by wirelessy transmitting data through its mesh network. Connect up to 2 pulse and 32 Modbus devices per ModHopper.

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