OdorEyes ECOsystem

The ECOsystem is an odorization solution engineered for locations with a regulated pressure drop in natural gas pipelines. Each
system is uniquely designed to accommodate most pipeline flow rates and pressure ratings at each individual site. For cold climate
conditions, an optional heated enclosure is available. The heater helps prevent freezing by mitigating the Joule-Thomson effect at
the regulator. As long as there is a regulated pressure differential, the ECOsystem™ will properly odorize natural gas in pipelines.

More Distinct Odor
The ECOsystem enhances odorization
by saturating natural gas drawn from
the pipeline with vaporized odorant.
As flowing conditions within the
pipeline change, the system
automatically adapts odorant infusion
to be proportional.

Environmentally Clean Odorization
Natural gas is directed through the
ECOsystem™ with only a few moving
parts to help minimize leaks in the
system. The odorization tank is
downstream of any mechanical
operation, leaving any potential system
leaks odorant-free.

Makes Life Easier
The ECOsystem™ makes odorant
monitoring convenient and efficient
with remote access to the system using
a computer connected by Ethernet,
modbus or modem . The integrated
PLC has the ability to automate the
odorization process.