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M-Bus Module

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The Istec M-Bus module is part of the Smart Slot communications family. With the integrated SmartSlot technology, Istec offers automatic consumer data read-out and transmission. The technology gives the customer the freedom to choose which form of communication he would like to use and has an ideal solution for each application.

The meter bus (abbreviated: M-Bus) was primarily conceived for central and remote reading of consumption meters. The M-Bus is defined in EN 1434-3 and is based on the so-called master-slave principle. The master meter requests that one or several other meters (slaves) sequentially send their data to it.

M-Bus Module

Data transmission on the M-Bus is carried out bidirectionally. Communication between slaves is not provided for. Within the M-Bus system, only one communication master and up to 250 slaves (measuring devices) are possible. However, expansion of the transmission network can be divided up into segments and expanded almost without limitation by means of what are known as repeaters.

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