Used & Refurbished Gas Meters

Used and Refurbished Gas Meters and Equipment

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Rebuilt Gas Meters carried in all sizes and styles in stock for immediate sale. IMAC Systems, Inc. has a huge amount of rebuilt meters ready to be sold at a discounted rate.

These meters include all brands of commercial and industrial gas meters including:

  • Romet Rotary Gas Meters
  • Roots – Dresser Rotary Gas Meters – LMMA, B3, and TQM Style
  • American Turbine Gas Meter
  • American Diaphragm Gas Meter
  • American CVM Gas Meters
  • Sprague / Actaris / Metris / Schlumberger Diaphragm Gas Meters
  • Rockwell / Equitable / Pittsburg / EMCO / Invensys / Equimeter Diaphragm Gas Meter
  • Rockwell Rotoseals

IMAC Systems, Inc. is also a full repair shop with NIST traceable proving equiptment and highly trained technicians.

Many more types of gas meters are also in stock, please call for more information.

Used and Refurbished gas meters and equipment

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