Gas Filters

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Filters/Separators to Remove Large Amounts of Liquids & Particulates

When high dirt loads or large volumes of liquids are expected ask for a P-Series Horizontal Filter/Separator, These units are designed to remove slugs of water and oiUiquid droplets and solid particles in a two-stage process.

First the gas stream enters an enlarged chamber where slugs of liquid are immediately caught and drained away to a holding tank. In this same chamber the gas passes through numerous replaceable filter tubes where all dirt particles 1-micron and larger are trapped on the tube’s surfaces.

These tubes also act to coalesce small droplets and liquid mists into much larger drops which then pass into the second-stage demisting vanes, This demisting section removes these drops, draining them into a second holding tank.

The holding tanks can be equipped with automatic level sensors which pneumatically operate drain valves to remove the liquids as fast as they are being produced.

These filters are available in pressure ratings of 180,285,750 and 1480 psi, with line sizes from 2″ to 12″.