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Industrial Gases

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Full featured Flow Computer and Remote Terminal Unit  (RTU) Industrial Applications utilizing the XA Series™ family of PCB platform is another way that Eagle shows the  tremendous flexibility of our products.  The XARTU /1™ , XARTU/5™ and the XARTU/10™ are all used in industrial applications. The XARTU /1™ is an intelligent, compact, rugged, and reliable industrial computer designed for real-time remote data acquisition, flow measurement, and control applications.  The XA Series™ can perform on board AGA-3, AGA-7, AGA-8, AGA-11 & API 21.1 compliant measurement calculations. The XARTU Eagle Flow Computer can perform many applications including multi-run flow measurement, custody transfer flow measurement (“Paymeter” applications), flow control, valve switching,  compressor control and status monitoring.

  • Point-of- Sale Metering (Paymeter)
  • “Premium” Billing Calculations
  • In-Plant Metering
  • Pure Gas Metering (Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen)
  • NIST Tables for Compressibility Corrections
  • Check Metering
  • Equipment Test Stand Metering
  • Orifice, Turbine, Ultrasonic, and other Flow Measurement
Industrial Gases
industrial gases

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