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LDVI-AAT Auto-Adjust Volume Corrector

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The XARTU/1TM-LDVI-AAT Volume Corrector is applicable to the Sensus Auto-AdjustTM Turbine meter. Features of this configuration includes:

  • Embedded Sensus Auto-Adjust™ Algorithms Certified by SensusTM
  • Live GC inputs
  • AGA 51 AGA 71 AGA 8 Detailed and Gross Methods 1 & 21 & NX-19 Calculation When Required
  • Optional live 4-20mA or Frequency Output for Instantaneous Flow Rate
  • Configurable via RS232 for Modbus Communication
  • Optional RS485 with Expansion Board
  • Optional Wireless Communications (Cellular I Radio/Satellite)
  • Live Graphing of Main/Sense Frequencies in Field Manager PlusTM

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