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MPplus Volume Corrector

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The MPplus Volume Corrector is a cost reduced, commoditized version of the XARTU/1-LDVI series of volume corrector products featuring:

  • Outdoor rated fiberglass enclosure with locking hasps
  • Large easy-to-read LCD display with magnetic scroll
  • Single or Dual Pressure Inputs
  • Standard RTD for temperature measurement
  • AGA-5, AGA-7, NX-19, AGA-8 (Detailed & Gross Methods)
  • 4-form A Pulse Outputs
  • Optional Pulse Output Board for AMR-AMI Applications to extend battery life
  • (2) Pulse Inputs for Dual Meter Configurations
  • No wiring required in LDVI meter mounted configuration
  • Single line display with magnetic scroll
  • Lightweight quick release 6″ x 6″ x 4″ fiberglass enclosure
  • Powered by either 1 Watt Solar Panel w/ 6 Volt 4.5ah rechargeable battery or 6 C-Cell replaceable battery pack. Other power options on request.
  • Optional LDVI with Universal Turbine and Positive Displacement meter mounting plate that imposes very little drag on the meter index drive
  • Available in Single and Bi-Directional Meter Rotation
  • Optional Internal 2400bps Modem or External Cellular Phone Support

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