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System Protection Module

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The System Protection Module protects the system from external transients by providing a  “specific path” for currents to flow to ground in the case where the pipeline potential exceeds the normal utility ground. The SPM provides a convenient and safe path for excessive current to flow to ground bypassing the sensitive electronic circuitry in the RTU or other electronic device.

  • Six Channel protection in one module
  • Four Stages of protection. Inductance, Capacitance, High Energy Clamp, Fast Second Stage lower energy Clamp
  • Physical layout of dual circuit board design keeps high energy and protected low energy components isolated. Energy dissipating resistors connect the stages of the two boards.
  • Manufactured in a standard 3/4″ PVC conduit fitting. Makes installation easier. Installs in the conduit going to the equipment. Right, Left, and Straight through versions available.
  • Available in Panel Mounted and Expansion Rack versions
  • Pluggable pigtail allows easy wiring termination on the equipment side.
  • Terminal screws for field termination.
  • UL approval for use in intrinsic safe circuits.
  • Multiple Versions avai1able including RS232, transducers and High Speed Devices.
System Protection Module

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