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XARTU/1 Volume Corrector

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The XARTU/1-LDVI Volume Corrector is the core product in the volume corrector line. The configuration offers:

  • Low Drag Vertical Index (LDVI)
  • Single and Bi-Directional Versions Available
  • AGA 7, AGA 8 (Detail & Gross Method 1 & 2), & NX-19
  • API Chapter 21 Compliancy
  • Wide choice of Pressure Ranges (Absolute or Gauge)
  • Digital Outputs for Corrected/Uncorrected Volumes
  • Configurable for Forward, Reverse and Net Volumes
  • Power Requirement Dependent on Communications Method and Frequency
  • Multi-Run Configurations Available Using a Transducer Interface or XDI

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