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XARTU/1 Orifice Chart Replacement

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The XALCRTM is an economical replacement for aging circular chart recorders. The XALCRTM comes complete with an integrated multivariable transmitter for Differential Pressure, Pressure, and 6 ft. Temperature Probe. Data can be read locally on the LCD display or collected with Field ManagerTM or Field Manager PlusTM.

The circular charting feature available in Field Manager PlusTM allows users to display data graphically, similar to a chart recorder. Quantity Packages are available that include a Netbook Computer preloaded with Field Manager PlusTM so the computer is setup right out of the box.

Other Advantages Include:

  • Elimination of chart integration costs, paper charts and supplies
  • Immediate access to Production data
  • Greatly enhanced data resolution
  • Four Year Warranty on all Eagle Research® manufactured components
  • Software provides data export to Excel® or PDF file formats

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