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400A Gas Meter

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Itron’s 400A meter is the most compact and lightweight 400-class meter on the market today. Maintaining the use of a wearless orbital valve, single convolution diaphragms, and lubrication-free bearings, the 400A delivers maximum initial and sustained accuracy. Actaris “A” Series meters give you the physical size you need, without compromising our tradition for highly accurate meters that are a good value. This customer-driven design makes for easier handling in the shop and the field. The “A” Series retrofits to any meter set within its capacity range, eliminating the need for “installation specific” meter inventory.

400A Gas Meter
Application:Residential & Light Commercial
Measurement range:400 SCFH @ 0.5" WC
600 SCFH @ 1" WC
Operating pressures:10 or 25 PSIG MAOP
Connection sizes:20lt, 30lt, 45lt, #4 Sprague
Environmental temperature:-20°F - 120°F
Cyclic volume:0.11 ft3/rev

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