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The larger members of the “A”-series combine accuracy and long life in a compact meter. Thanks to modern engineering and production techniques, the Actaris 1000A, for example, weighs 28 percent less than our previous 1000- class meter. Its height has been cut by 29 percent, creating a leaner, tighter meter. This new smaller size adds up to big advantages in easier shipping, handling and installation – at just 19” (483mm) from base to hub, these meters can be applied wherever capacities of 675-1000 ft3/hr (18- 28m3/hr) are needed. With the size reduction, all Actaris 800A and 1000A meters will retrofit into any of your current meter sets.

A Series Gas Meters (675A, 800A, 1000A)
Measurement range:675A: 675 SCFH @ 0.5" WC
800A: 800 SCFH @ 0.5" WC
1000A: 1000 SCFH @ 0.5" WC
Operating pressures:25 PSIG MAOP
Connection sizes:30lt, 45lt, 60lt, 100lt, #4, #5
Environmental temperature:-20°F - 120°F
Cyclic volume:0.55 ft3/rev

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