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Delta Rotary Gas Meter

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Itron rotary meters are used when very accurate measurement is required in circumstances where the gas flow can be low or irregular. Because of its volumetric principle, the Delta™ meter’s metrology is not influenced by installation conditions. Consequently, it can be used to build very compact stations without installing a straight pipe inlet in front of the meter. Delta meters are approved for fiscal use.

The Itron Delta meters are part of the “c” series, equipped as standard with the Cyble™ target.

Itron Commercial - Delta Rotary

Key Features

  • Flow rate: from 9CFH to 2300CFH 
  • Available in 1.5″ NPT & 2″ Flanged
  • 1.5″ 230psig MAOP – 2″ 280psig MAOP
  • Equipped with pulse output

Main Benefits

  • Excellent long term metrological stability, confirmed by customers
  • Metrology not influenced by installation conditions nor stop-and-go flow rate
  • Large rangeability up to 200:1 approved by the PTB, NMI and other official bodies
  • Minimal pressure loss
  • Available in aluminium, ductile iron or steel for all applications


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