Itron Gas Regulators

Domestic: Residential & Light Commercial (½″ to 1¼″)

Itron’s B42, B57, B58, and B31 regulators are ideal for residential applications where outputs of 2 PSIG or less are desired. These regulators can be adjusted to perform well in many differed applications i.e rotating diaphragms for tight spaces, and unique designs for extremely variable pressure changes.

Commercial & Industrial (1¼″ – 4″)

Itron offers many different commercial and industrial regulators including the B34s, B34, B38, B531, B838, CL231, CL31, CL34, CL38, CL838, RB1700, and RB4000. These regulators range anywhere from 3500 SCFH at  125 PSIG to 600,000 SCFH at 275 PSIG.

Farm Tap & Field Service (¾″ – 1¼″)

Itron’s farm tap regualtors, B35, B36, B56, AND VR75 are perfect when the job requires an inlet pressure of up to 1000 PSIG. Their rugged design makes them extremely dependable.

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