Pietro Fiorentini Regulators

Industrial & Commercial (1″ to 8″)

Pietro Fiorentini’s Dival 500, Dival 600, Norval and Trias provide dependable and long lasting solutions for many different industrial and commercial applications.

Transmission & Distribution (1″ to 10″)

For medium to high pressure applications Pietro Fiortentini’s Aperval, Aperflux, Reval, and Reflux regulators can handle up to 1400 PSIG. These regulators are ideal for transmission and custody transfer stations.

Safety Valves: Relief & Slam-Shut (1″ to 8″)

Pietro Fiorentini’s SBC 782, HBC 975, and PVS 782 are gas safety valves made to protect people and equipment from anomalies in line pressure. These shutoff valves are extremely effective and can even be controlled remotely.