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IMAC Systems: Switch Testers

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Switch Tester

  • Ideal way to test switch performance
  • Accepts form A or form C inputs
  • 6″ x 3″ x 2-/12″ plastic case
  • Contains 2-1000 Hz capacity resettable counters
  • Extremely portable, easy to use, battery powered
IMAC Systems - Switch Testers

Switch Tester 2 – Itron Ready

  • Economic, compact, portable and toolbox ready
  • Simple effective means for testing pulse outputs on Itron ready meters and instruments
  • Use to verify pulse outputs vs. totalization
  • High-resolution counters will detect up to 1000 pulses/second
  • Detects 1 millisecond contact breaks
  • Diagnoses switch flutter (bounce, dither)
  • Resetable battery powered displays

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