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Star / Hexagram System

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STAR® Submetering Data Collection Units The Hexagram STAR® system provides fully automatic meter reading without meter readers, handhelds, or expensive wiring. Powerful, narrow band meter transmitters allow the use of a single data collector, without repeaters, to economically read large submetering installations in developments, high-rises, and other multi-tenant communities.

  • The STAR® Data Collection Unit (DCU) receives, timestamps, and stores meter reading data collected from STAR® Meter Transmission Units (MTUs).
  • The STAR® DCU transfers meter reading information to the STAR® Network Control Computer (NCC) installed at any off-site location.
Star / Hexagram System

The STAR® DCU is mounted in a convenient location such as a utility closet or storage room. The DCU contains a radio receiver, computer, and a modem. Power is provided by a 120 vac source.

STAR ® MTU messages are received by the DCU which decodes and error-checks the data. The information is time-stamped, processed, and stored with diagnostic information and data from other MTUs. Once each day, the DCU contacts the off-site NCC and transfers the meter reading data. The NCC processes this information and provides billing and customer service data.

The standard model DCU has a telephone modem for communication with the NCC. However, the DCU can also be equipped with a cellular modem or other communication device.