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Fire Hydrant Meters

Many businesses today – landscape service companies, construction and pool contractors, for example – often need a temporary source of water, and they are willing to pay for it. Now you can tap into this lucrative market with innovative fire hydrant meters. Simply attach your portable meter and a hose to an idle fire hydrant and your cash flow begins, every gallon adding new revenue to your bottom line.

Meter, Valve & Control offers a wide variety of hydrant meters from several manufacturers including Badger, Hersey, Master Meter, Neptune and Sensus.

Most of our hydrant meters offer a number of nice features:

  • Rugged double wall stainless steel screen protecting the measuring element
  • Built-in flow restrictor to prevent element over-speeding
  • Field replaceable handles for easy portability
  • Optional check valve and flow rate control valve
  • 3” meter with 2-1/2”NST Fire Hose Thread
  • Turbine design in accordance with AWWA standards.

For complete details please refer to the individual product bulletins below.

Fire Hydrant Meters
Fire Hydrant Meters

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