Water Strainers

Badger 2” – 20”

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All strainer housings are designed and individually tested to withstand 150 psi maximum working pressure and 300 psi static pressure.

Badger’s dual-flange plate strainers are recommended for all Recordall® Turbo Series and Compound Series meters. These plate strainers exceed AWWA standards with an effective screening area to minimize flow restrictions to meters. The straining area is double the inlet to turbo and compound type meter cases.

Water Strainers: Badger 2” - 20”

Badger Strainers are designed to effectively protect the measuring elements in the meters. They also assist in minimizing turbine rotor bearing loading and resultant wear to maintain accurate meter registration and extend the service life of the meter. This is accomplished by the conditioning of the flow profile of the water, minimizing velocity profile distortion caused by changes in pipe direction, valving or any other equipment that may be creating a flow disturbance upstream of the meter. For added flexibility, Badger Strainers are compatible with all makes of meters. The stainless steel screen and drain plug are removable for cleaning of the strainer in the service line.

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