SICK is a German based manufacturer with locations in Houston, TX and Minneapolis, MN. They are a leading manufacturer of sensors and sensor solutions for industrial applications. Meter, Valve and Control is both a manufacturer’s representative (CA, AZ, NV, OR, WA, HI, AK) and distributor (CA, AZ, NV, AK, HI) in the Western United States for their FLOW division which includes ultrasonic gas meters for local distribution and custody transfer applications. Our main product lines include total engineered solutions that contain the FLOWSIC500, FLOWSIC600, FLOWSIC600XT, and DRU ultrasonic gas meter lines.

The FLOWSIC600XT is the newest addition to the Sick product line. This ultrasonic gas meter, used in custody transfer applications, carries all the features of its predecessor, the FLOWSIC600, and adds even more features. It is available in 4, 4+1, 4+4 and 8 measurement path options and 3” to 48” sizes to meet all applications. New features include i-diagnostics intelligent diagnostic tool, ethernet communication capabilities, and extended back up battery life in the event of a power loss. Tthe FLOWSIC600XT Forte, is a new technology for Sick using eight path measurement on two different planes for installations where there is limited inlet and outlet piping.


The FLOWSIC600 DRU is a dual-path ultrasonic meter complete with integrated 10D upstream piping. Typically used for upstream and gathering applications, the DRU meter is highly accurate even without high-pressure calibration and virtually maintenance free. With similar technology and diagnostic tools as the FLOWSIC600 meters, the FLOWSIC600 DRU can provide real-time monitoring of all measurement conditions. The DRU is available in 3” or 4” sizes and can handle operating pressures up to 1480 PSIG (ANSI CL600).

The Sick FLOWSIC500 Ultrasonic Gas meter is a highly accurate, solid state meter used in natural gas distribution applications. With no mechanical moving parts, this meter requires little to no maintenance along with delivering dependable measurement throughout the meter life span and ensures that gas supply is continuous and blockage free. On board self diagnostics enable the user to let the meter tell you when there is an error in measurment or if the meter needs cleaned. The FLOWSIC500 can operate either by battery or AC power with battery backup. No incoming or outgoing straight pipe is required for installation and the meter can be installed in either horizontal or vertical orientation. Live temperature and/or pressure compensation option is available with the FLOWSIC500 ultrasonic gas meter. Meter sizes available are 2” 5.5M, 3” 14M, 4” 23M, 6” 35M sizes with different lay length dimensions to match Rotary or Turbine meters.

FLOWSIC500 Flow Meter