California Market Alert: Assembly Bill 2451 Regarding Submetering is Now Law

New law streamlines approval of submeters for use in the state.

After numerous attempts over the last year to modify submetering rules in the state of California, industry players and the office of Assembly Member Tom Daly of the CA 69th District, have successfully drafted California Assembly Bill 2451. The bill was approved by Governor Brown, Chaptered by Secretary of State Debra Bowen, and is now law. This new law should help in streamlining the approval process for water submeters as well as lowering the existing liability placed on those that supply, install and use submeters. The chaptered bill:

Allows submeters to be tested in one county and used in another
Allows approved submeters to be reserved for a period of time
Assures testing fees are paid to the county where tested
Clarifies that submeters are “placed in service” when they are installed
Determines the proper disposal and use of submeters that fail county testing

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